3 Months

Ahhh I can’t believe I’ve been a mom for 3 months now.

My 20th birthday is Monday & I get to spend it with my son & boyfriend.

My son is freakin amazing. He’s such a smiley little guy. Smiles at everything & with everyone. He doesn’t care who you are , he will smile when he sees you. He’s been sleeping through the night since he was 2 months. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better than him. He is awesome<3

My boyfriend & I have gotten so much stronger since his birth. Yes at first we did have those rocky days where we would argue all the time about everything but we worked through it all & we settled our differences & we’ve been working on things ever since & we’ve been so much better. He’s there for his son everyday & I couldn’t be happier. In the beginning he didn’t want a son let alone a baby , especially not at 21. He wasn’t ready. As soon as he saw him , he fell in love & has stepped up. I love them both so much !


I guess when people say that relationships change after having a baby really aren’t lying.

I wish I could say things have gotten better ever since my son was born but it’s really just gotten worse.

There is no emotion there anymore or so it feels like it. There is no effort being made to be with me nor have anything to do with our son when he’s crying.

I get that the best things happen when they’re running around & talking but to me , it’s these newborn moments that you should cherish more cause they’ll be gone before you know it.

Instead of playing COD , you should consider taking care of your newborn son like I do every day when you’re not around.

Not once have I gotten a break.

I might as well be a single mom. This relationship is never gonna be fixed.


Being a mom is such a great feeling. Just seeing my son & all the little faces his makes melts my heart. He’s identical to his daddy & I couldn’t be happier. They do everything from making faces to sleeping the same exact way.

I fell inlove the moment I saw him. I couldn’t help but want to cry.

Although the first 3 days were hard because he wouldn’t latch on to my breast , I did what was best & went to formula. I know it’s not the healthiest or best recommended thing to do but I couldn’t see him dehydrated for hours anymore. It crushed me.

Ever since the formula , he’s been nothing but happy.

I’m so proud to be a mommy.

Finally !

Getting induced in 8 hours ! I should get some sleep but I’m so excited !

I can’t wait to meet my son !


Appointment today !
3 days past my due dateeee.
Hopefully getting induced today seeing as my water doesn’t wanna break on it’s own !

I wanna see my son.

40 weeks 2 days

40 weeks 2 days


Seriously am on the verge of death.

Not really but feels like it. Even though I wouldnt know for sure what death feels like..

This is my 4th sick day.

I just wanna meet my son !

Help meeee.


Must get better
Need home remedies

Chest congestion
Horrible cough
Stuffed up nose.

Why me.

Pow pow

So as much as I love my family & friends , some of them are getting a tad bit annoying at this point.

See , I told them all that I would keep them posted as to when I go into the hospital & stuff like that right ? Apparently my words just aren’t good enough to leave me alone & not blow my phone up every hour of the day asking me if I had the baby yet.

If I said I will keep you informed , I mean I will make sure I tell you when my water breaks & if you want ill even show you ! (Not really but I will tell you).

My uncles ex gf keeps texting me , EVERY day at EVERY hour asking if I had the baby. Uhm , if I did I sure would’ve told you by now.

Today was my EDD & my sons gonna be fashionably late. She texted me at like 9:15 this morning asking if the baby was born yet. WOMAN. I didn’t even get a chance to wake up & you’re already worried.

Then I have ‘friends’ who ask how I’m doing & stuff. The reason I put friends in ’ is because they’re not really my friends. At least I wouldn’t really consider them real friends. They all of a sudden became so concerned about me when they found out I was pregnant.

Before last month , no one knew or bothered to talk to me to see how my life was. It was always just me , my bf & our families. I liked it that way. I hate having people around me just because I’m having a baby. I don’t want people like that in my life & that annoys me just as much as my uncles ex gf texting me every hour.

I just had to let that out.


Cool ! I’m sick & tomorrow is my EDD. I’m so scared this might hurt the baby & I know my labor is gonna be worse with this cold.

Wahhh I just wanna get better !